Electric Appliances and Search Lights

black and white photo of a daylight signalling lamp

Marine Daylight Signalling Lamps

  • different types acc. to flag and Type Approval requirements
photo of a SEEMATZ-searchlight

Marine Search Lights

Pesch Marinescheinwerfer is a small, specialised company that operates since more than 40 years on the world-wide maritime market. This German company produces extraordinary searchlights and window wipers and distributes these under their brand name SEEMATZ. Typical for all SEEMATZ products is the incomparable durability and the robust functionality. This supplier is very focussed on offering the best products possible, making use of both craftsmanship and world-wide practical experience on all types of vessels.

Available lamp types:
  • Halogen
  • Xenon
  • others on request
Available sizes and executions:
  • 24VDC, 110 - 440VAC
  • 250 - 3000W
  • DIN range at 1 lux: 480 - 7400m
    IES range at 1 lux: 1152 - 14800m
  • Direct, wheelhouse or remote operation
  • Housing from 273 up to 750mm diameter, depending on lamp power

Electric Appliances

  • according to specification