photo of a Silja Line ship on zhe high seas

Thank you for opening our homepage - thus giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves as GEHNA, a company active in the marine business - originally as manufacturers of nautical instruments - for now more than 125 years.

The range of products, which we supply to shipyards all around the world, starts with the nautical inventory, for which we are in a position to offer complete packages for any type of ship and in accordance with any classification society.

photo of a Silja Line ship on zhe high seas at night

We further have obtained a valuable reputation as supplier to shipyards world-wide of a quite enlarged range of Marine Products. Please visit our "Products" pages.
The below summary shows a number of product lines for which GEHNA is an official representative.

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We hereby announce that we have accepted the general agency for the company Sola-Cure on the territory of Germany and Benelux with immediate effect. We have taken a leading manufacturer of solar panels in our portfolio and can offer all matters relating to the windows of a ship. Whether the window, the wipers or the visor, you receive everything from one source.

We look forward to a long collaboration with the team of Sola-Cure.

Logo of the company Sola-Cure

Official representatives of

Pesch Marinescheinwerfer
Logo of the company Pesch Marinescheinwerfer
Pesch Marinescheinwerfer produces searchlights and windscreenwipers, which can withstand the harshest working conditions. Their products are well known under the brand SEEMATZ.
SEIKO Time Systems Inc.
Logo of the company Seiko
Seiko Time Systems Inc. products are ranging from system clocks that are widely used in public places, such as schools and hospitals, marionette clocks, and technical clocks, such as those for broadcasting stations to sports timing devices that are accurate to within 10 thousandth of a second, data processing computer systems, and all types of large-sized displays.
Logo of the company Sola-Cure
Sola-Cure anti-glare marine window blinds are Lloyds Type approved solar screens that fully comply with SOLAS regulations as well as ISO 8468:2007. Primarily designed for all types of vessels in the maritime industry to reduce glare and heat from bridge windows, they are also perfect for air traffic control towers, vessel control towers and crane cabs to name a few applications. Sola-Cure anti-glare blinds improve safety and enhance working conditions.
Unilux Geomar S.A.
Logo of the company Unilux Geomar S.A.
Producer of Compasses/Binnacles, navigation lights and horns of high quality and durability.