Magnetic Compass Binnacles

Photo of a compass binnacle Approved types in different sizes
  • Compass binnacle made of reinforced fibreglass with seawater resistant fittings, flaps for light (top) and optics (bottom),
  • flaps covering 3 sets of numbered holes for B+C corrector magnets,
  • oblong holes in the base for A-error correction,
  • brackets with distance scale for mounting the D-spheres,
  • tube to hold the heeling corrector magnet.
  • Rim ring with 2 roller bearings mounted.
  • Hood without aperture with handles.

Electric light with mech. shade, bulb E 14-type, 40 watts, voltage acc. to ship's voltage.

Emergency electric light, bulb E 14-type, 40 watts, voltage acc. to ship's emergency voltage - norm. 24V DC.

Set of fastening material comprising:
Bolts of brass M 16(M 20 for DTI M 616), washers, nuts with flange.

Optical arrangement comprising: Lenses and mountings individually adjusted to an optimum value acc. to the length of the reflection tube.

Reflection tube with soldered flange, gasket, removable flange to seal the hole in the deck from below, locking device for the telescope wheelhouse unit, wheelhouse unit with day- and night mirror, the mirror can be turned vertically and the wheelhouse unit can be turned horizontally, black mirror for the officer's view.

Bar magnets 200 mm long 10 mm dia.

Bar magnets 200 mm long 7 mm dia.

Full size D-spheres of soft iron with marking, fastening bolts M 16 with washer and nuts of brass.

Heeling magnet in tube with marked chain, active length 225 mm.

Name plate with serial-number and approval number.