Anti-glare Marine Window Blinds

Photo of a Sola-Cure sunblind are suppliers of anti-glare, UV protection roller solar shades for the maritime industry. Our high quality marine blinds are approved and suitable for all size and shape of window. Download our Product specification sheet to select the exact blind for your requirement.

Sola-Cure Window blinds completely fulfill ISO 8468:2007 Ships and Marine Technology – Ship’s bridge layout and associated equipment – Requirements and guidelines.

“To ensure a clear view in bright sunshine, sunscreens with minimum colour distortion should be provided at all windows in front of workstations. Such screens should be readily removable and not permanently installed.”

Sola-Cure is committed to supplying the highest quality products and has implemented what we believe to be the most stringent of quality assurance processes.

Our marine blinds are made up of a high quality aluminium cassette and polymer film. Other suppliers quote their film performance data from calculations only, choosing not to conduct actual testing of the films. Sola-Cure has in place a third party UKAS approved physical testing procedure which compares the calculated data with the actual performance of our shade films.

When deciding who should supply your UV protection marine blinds, we encourage you to ask for copies of these test results. At Sola-Cure, we are happy to supply our clients with copies of the test certificates together with the calculated performance data.


  • New smooth cushioned retraction
  • New external speed adjustment
  • Glare Reduction
  • Over 99% UV Protection
  • Excellent solar energy rejection
  • Shades available in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Grey
  • Suitable for Inclined, Declined and Overhead windows
  • Choice of operating and locking mechanisms
  • Suitable for restricted spaces
  • Made to measure
  • 5 Year warranty on all products


  • Improved safety when navigating
  • Protection from direct and reflected sunlight
  • Improves instrumentation visibility
  • Protects the crew from UV rays
  • Creates a cooler working environment
  • Protects fabrics and furnishings from fading