Marine Window Wipers

Photo taken inside a bridge, showing mounted patographs
Pantograph and straight-line type
80NM/110NM Extra Heavy Duty Window Wipers

With the ever increasing need for speed and the 24 hour day operation of today's shipping a pantograph type of wiper will give outstanding performance. To ensure a good swept window albeit travelling at 60 knots, the wiper arm design needed to ensure a good blade contact has necessitated the development of the extra heavy duty motor.

Group control units are available for any wiper arrangement up to 20 wipers per group for absolute synchronous operation. They facilitate a rotating knob for group control with 0/park position, variable intermittent wipe and variable speed. Size and colour are to customers' request.

We can offer a number of solutions that still utilize the extremely reliable wiper units fitted with pantograph or pendulum arms  - heated if required - and blades of various sizes.

graphical depiction of a SEEMATZ-Straight-Line-Wiper

Straight-line type

The SEEMATZ wind screen wiper housing consists of seawater resistant aluminium, all other parts are of stainless steel (Inox). The guides for the wiper arms are constructed of temperature- and friction resistant plastic material and are fitted with four glide rollers in addition. The wiper guide is driven via a stainless steel chain, gear wheel drive and two series connected DC motors. End position switches, thermostatically controlled heating and spray wash facility, are standard fittings.

SEEMATZ wind screen wipers standard equipment includes a control desk, equipped with switches for the motor drive, heating and an optional pump switch. Futhermore, a wiper interval controller enabling control from zero to centre position, beyond centre, a continuos slow wipe will result, to be accelerated toward the maximum control setting.

Installation advantages

The outstanding advantage in mounting SEEMATZ wind screen wipers is in its simplicity with a 4 screw fastening at the outside of the window. By mounting the drive motors within the wiper housing, “it is no longer neccessary to penetrate the drive shaft through the window pane.” An additional benefit is obtained by not having to enclose the internal mechanism. And annoying motor noises are eliminated with the use of SEEMATZ wind screen wipers.